Welcome to the brand new Discologic website I hope you enjoy our new site!!!

Its been a fantastic few months!! After a mega busy Christmas season we found ourselves in winter wedding wonderland!! With a record number of weddings taken place in the 1st quarter of this year at beautiful venues in Kent and London such as Brands hatch place, Chilston park, The Dorchester, The Marquis in Alkham, The Barnyard and Devonport house to name just a few! I have enjoyed dj’ing at them all!!!

Its important when considering a winter wedding to remember that the UK does not cope with bad weather!! So always take out wedding insurance as its better to be safe and not sorry!!

Looking forward to the rest of the year we have some exciting new options available to all our clients in addition to our Dj/Disco services some of which we are yet to launch!! But one of our new features is “the dressing room” this is designed to reinvent the photo booth which has become a common site at many of today’s events this option gives you full control over creating a complete dressing up area complete with backdrops or green screen technology please feel free to contact us today for more information!!

Another new option is our Retro console hire!! Yes we want to take you back in time so you can enjoy once again Super Mario on the Nintendo N.E.S or Sonic the hedgehog on the Sega mega dive or maybe a quick match on sensible soccer !! We also offer the very latest Wii U or Playstation 3 consoles all available on massive screens!.

I am looking forward to Dj’ing all over this year from weddings in Italy and Spain to fabulous venues in Kent and London.

Once again I hope you enjoy our new website we have worked very hard on it!! And to be honest I am over the moon with the final product!! But we do have more content to add so please watch this space!!

Well that’s my 1st Blog done!! It looks like the warm weather is finally here so enjoy it!! I don’t want to see any more snow for as long as I live!!

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