When it comes to your wedding reception you are going to want to make sure that it is a party to remember. One of the ways that you can do this is with your choice of Wedding  DJ. A good DJ is not only going to know how to get a party started, but also the songs that are going to keep it going too.
Christmas is almost upon us! And with a lot of engagements planned we really wanted to let you know why it really does pay!! To pay that little bit more for your wedding DJ!!
We can’t believe it’s been a whole since our last blog!!! Where has 2016 gone!!! We have had so many amazing weddings in Kent, London, Well all over the UK to be honest!!Some of our 2016 Highlights
It’s safe to say that it’s been an amazing year…what a rollercoaster! So much has happened, and we’ve got plenty more in the pipeline. Where to start?
Chris has been very busy over the last few weeks Time for a little blog whilst I've got a spare few minutes, the last few months since our last blog has been one of our busiest periods to date and with the scorching weather I feel it’s time to talk timings .. As we all know everyone wants their wedding to be the biggest day of their life and we also know, no two couples visions are the same.
Quite an unusual blog but I find myself feeling very passionate about what I am about to write, As you may or not be aware we were contacted this week by 2 journalists Ben Ellery and Hannah Flint both of which were doing a story for the Daily Mail newspaper in regards to the costs of weddings.
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