After much consideration and research we decided to create a brand new concept within Discologic, which is named “Event Hub®”.  This service is all about enhancing the journey our bride and grooms are about to embark on, Giving them more control and reassurance as well as total interaction with Discologic.

Event Hub® is custom designed software totally unique to Discologic all seamlessly integrated into a state of the art USB drive that acts as your personal interface with us for every step of the booking, that not only gives you peace of mind but makes the whole journey fresh and exciting!

Event Hub® is completely unique! There is nothing else like it anywhere in the market place and is totally exclusive to Discologic It will make your Journey exciting but with total reassurance from a product that you can interact with and keep all your memory’s on forever!

How It Works

You will simply insert your Event Hub® into your Pc or Mac’s USB drive and load your personal home screen; you will then be presented with 8 Tabs:

Tab 1 – Your digital Contracts (important docs)

Tab 2 – Your terms and conditions (Boring but important)

Tab 3 – Your interactive questionnaire (The Fun starts here!)

Tab 4 – Your Interactive request sheet (let’s see what you like! And what you don’t!)
Tab 5 – Your Complete Set list from the night (Every song title played on your night)

Tab 6 – Your whole night recorded live (A memory for life!)
Tab 7 – Pictures from your night (if you have taken advantage of one of our photo booths or picture packages all the images will be stored here)

Tab 8 – Your direct access to our business Facebook page.