How up lighting sets the mood at your wedding

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Being one of the first specialist Wedding DJ companies in Kent to bring up lighting to the wedding industry, we feel it is important to let our brides and grooms know exactly what up lighting is, how it can be used, and the effect it can have on your wedding day.

Up lighting is a unique way to light certain features within a venue and enhance the overall look and feel of your wedding venue. One popular option that we offer is a full colour wash. This means we can transform any style of wedding venue into the ultimate night time party by literally lighting up the walls, beams, pillars and just about anything else.

Is Up lighting the same as mood lighting?

Well kind of .. up lighting is a form of mood lighting. Just like a candle could produce a romantic ambiance at a dinner for two, up lighting can offer a similar effect, but obviously it’s considerably more versatile than a candle, and less of a fire hazard.

There are many forms of up lighting available, we use wireless LED uplighters, the main reason we use these, is they are what they claim to be ‘wireless’ which means they can be placed practically anywhere within a venue, not having to worry about placing them near power outlets or running unsightly cables around the venue. This also can save a vast amount of time if your chosen venue has an evening turnaround, from your wedding breakfast to the evening reception, they also they produce a huge range of bright vibrant colours, meaning we can match any colour scheme of your choice.

Many, if not most of our brides and grooms do have a set colour theme for their wedding, LED up lighting offers the unlimited opportunity to colour match to your chosen colour theme.

How Does It Work?

When you choose a package with up lighting / mood lighting from us, we will discuss your needs and help you choose what type of style is best for your colour theme and venue. Once the colour has been decided we then move to the big day itself. On arrival we will decide the best position to place the mood lighting, to create the perfect ambiance / party atmosphere. Individual lights will then be placed around your venue to highlight those certain features, or if you are just looking to transform your venue they will be placed in areas that will bring your wedding to life. Our uplighters are slim line and discrete and as mentioned previously they do not require a power source so they can be placed anywhere, without the restrictions normally associated with traditional lighting, which would require a wired power supply.

Our lights are also remotely controlled, this means that you can have one colour for your first dance, and then shift the mood using lighting once your evening is in full swing. They also have various colour change modes, which means the lighting can adapt to the beat of the music which further enhances the party atmosphere.

Hopefully this has provided you with enough information to make a well informed decision with regards to your mood lighting. If there is still any doubt in your mind about the possibilities of uplighting, just take a look at the mood lighting / uplighting page here on our website.

Naturally if you would like to see more information on all our available packages, please look through our website and see what’s best for you. If would rather discuss your requirements in person, or over the phone please visit our contact page where you can fill out a simple contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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