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Discologic Live® is the first App for a smart phone to enable guests to interact with your wedding entertainment. Operating within the web browser on the users’ smart phone Discologic live® is compatible and tested on every device meaning everyone can get involved.
With a simple easy to use interface the bride and groom have the option to allow their guests to vote for the first dance, which is great for those couples that are stuck between one, two or sometimes three + first dance options. Guests can also control the music throughout the night by interacting LIVE for the music genre!, The system is continuously monitored by the DJ, allowing the guests to control the direction of the evenings music. Finally, guests can vote for the last dance from a selection of choices provided by the bride and groom to end the night with the ultimate Bang! That everyone has played a part in to create!
Naturally we recognise this is not for every couple, which is why we allow changes to be made to the interface beforehand. We can disable services when necessary as well as include or exclude certain genres from the options.

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But the best is yet to come

We have also added another amazing feature to the Discologic Live® application, called PicVault…

Guests take thousands of photos on their smartphones at weddings every year, once taken they are often never seen again! PicVault offers a fun way of sharing their pictures with the bride and groom. Pictures are taken within the app and uploaded to the Discologic Live® server, once uploaded, guests have the option “lock them in” or “try again.” At the end of the event all pictures submitted by the guests are presented in digital format to the bride and groom to look at and enjoy whenever they please.

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