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  1. The Management must provide adequate supervision of all guests and/or customers and staff at the venue and WILL BE LIABLE for any damage to the Artistes equipment caused by guests,customers or staff.
  2. The Artiste would like to make the management aware that all calls to and from the Artiste are recorded and saved against your booking agreement.
  3. The Management warrants that they are authorised to use the venue for the purpose of the performance.
  4. The Management shall permit the Artistes advertising material to be displayed in the vicinity of his equipment.
  5. The Management MUST inform the Artiste of any sound limiting or disabling devices used at the venue at the time of booking, as these devices can and do frequently cause major damage to equipment. The Artiste reserves the right NOT to use his equipment at such a venue if prior warning is not given at the time of booking, It is the Managements responsibility to liaise with venue in regards to all issues in regards to those devices and understands that the artist has no control over the volume when those devices are being used.
  6. The Management will allow sufficient time for the Artiste to dismantle and remove his equipment from the venue at the end of the performance. If the equipment is left at the venue at the Managements request or instruction, the Management will be liable for any loss, damage or theft howsoever caused during the time that the equipment is there.
  7. The Management permits the Artist to take photos during their performance.
  8. The Management must advise the Artiste if an early set up is required at the venue (an extra fee is applicable for this service).When equipment is left prior to the start of an event the Management are liable for any loss, damage or theft howsoever caused during the time that the equipment is there.Responsibility is relinquished from the Management once the Artiste arrives.
  9. Licences for the public performance of recorded music are only required at PUBLIC EVENTS.The Management will be responsible for ascertaining whether such a licence is required for the performance,and responsibility for taking out such licences entirely in the hands of the Management. The Artistes services are provided solely in the capacity of an entertainer.(N.B.- In most cases private parties,wedding receptions ect.DO NOT REQUIRE a licence for the playing of recorded music).
  10. The Management will provide reasonable access to a properly earthed 13 amp mains electricity supply. (at least 2 sockets for just a disco setup or at least 6 sockets if mood lighting has been booked).
  11. The Artiste will provide : Adequate recorded music, Adequate equipment for the playing and amplifying of the same,Lighting effects & operator/D.J.
  12. The Artiste will conduct himself in a sober and proper manner and will respond to the Managements requests as to volume,encores, situation of equipment or to other reasonable requests.
  13. Full Payment is due upto 14days prior to the event by cheque or the management can pay at the Start of the night after a sound test in Cash only.
  14. A Charge is made for cancellation of a booking by the Management as follows: More than 120 days’ notice loss of deposit plus 50% of balance due, 120 to 60 day’s notice loss of deposit plus 75% of balance due. 60 days or less full payment due. Please note all cancellations must be put in writing.
  15. The Management will be liable for any charged parking at location where the artist will be performing, This must be advised before the event date.
  16. Unreasonable behaviour by the management or the managements guests will not be tolerated by the artist and any such behaviour could result in cancellation of the booking without notice.
  17. All Request sheets must be returned to The Artist at least one month before the function date.
  18. Our Music Policy is only Valid on Requests completed on the requests sheets provided by The Artist.
  19. Please note if you need to make a change to your booking for example “change of times” this change must be put in writing. The change is only valid when you receive your new booking agreement with the change applied.
  20. Please note if you need to contact The Artist for any reason before or after your event please contact us direct during office hours which are Tues to Friday 10am till 4pm.
  21. When uplighting has been booked it is the responsibility of the management to make sure that there is sufficient power sockets where the uplighters are to be placed.
  22. On all jobs where The Artist has been booked for more than 5 hours refreshments must be provided by the management.
  23. Due to any unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary to change the DJ booked on the Managements event if this is the case the Artist reserves the right the change the DJ without notice.
  24. The Management agrees that all photos and subsequent testimonials, Reviews both written and video can be used by the artist for any future promotion or advertising.
  25. The Artiste would like to make the management aware that all call are recorded for quality control and customer service reasons.
  26. The Artiste shall not be responsible to the management for any loss or damage sustained by the management in the event that the artist shall be prevented from using its services by reason of war, terrorist activities, civil riot, fire, explosion, tempest, flood, acts of god, strikes, lock outs, burglary, malicious damage, adverse weather conditions or another cause whatsoever beyond the control of The artist.
  27. In the unlikely event that that artist cannot perform due to events out of our control the management understands that every reasonable effort will be made by the artist to send a replacement.
  28. When hiring a dance floor from the artist it is the managements responsibility that no glass or liquid of any kind is taken onto the dance floor any damage caused by glass or liquid will be charged to the management.
  29. When dance floors are hired by the management they will be installed and fully tested the artist is unable to guarantee that the dance floor led’s will stay on for the whole event as in some cases the floors can move due to heavy traffic.
  30. When the management have booked a package that includes pictures being taken by the artist we must make you aware that this is not classed as professional photography and we do not guarantee the quality of any of the pictures taken. All pictures will be supplied to the client after the event watermarked with the discologic logo a watermark free set can be supplied at an extra cost.
  31. If it has been arranged that payment will be made on the day of the managements event this must be a cash payment to the artist at the beginning of the night if no payment is made on the night then an admin charge of £100.00 will be added to the final amount by the artist.
  32. It is advised that the Management must allow at least 1 hour for set up to be completed it is also advised that when other items have been booked such as a dance floor this may take longer please contact the artiste for an estimated setup time if required.
  33. The Artist agrees to have 10million pounds public liability cover in place at all times.
  34. The Management is aware that when an “Event Hub®” package has been booked that we cannot guarantee that any recordings or pictures place on event hub® will work correctly as the artist does rely on 3rd party equipment to make this possible. Event hubs will be returned upto 3 months after your event.
  35. When L.O.V.E letters have been hired by the management it is the management’s responsibility to make sure that are not damaged in any way and must not be moved, climbed on or touched in anyway during the hire period the management will be liable for any damage to the letters or a 3rd party during the hire period.
  36. If the management has a schedule in regards to the running order of their event this must be supplied to the artist at least 2 weeks before the event.
  37. The management is required to discuss timings of the 1st dance with the artist at least 2 weeks before the event is due to take place.
  38. The maximum recording time for an Event Hub set is 3 hours
  39. Unless otherwise stated all photo booths will have a running time of 3 Hours.
  40. The Artist would like to make the Management aware that all calls are recorded for training and customer service reasons.
  41. When the management wish to use the service Discologic Live® the artist would like to make the management aware that this is a web based product and relies on a strong internet connection to function properly the artist cannot guarantee that the service will function well at all times.

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