Picking music for your wedding

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There are so many things to plan and organise for your wedding. Everything from the dress or suits, through to the colour scheme. You want your day to be perfect, and everything is important.

But if we were to ask a random selection of people what the most important part of a wedding is the majority would say the actual getting married part. And we agree. But deep down we know that lots are thinking of the party! And that is where we come in.

Once all the wedding formalities are out of the way, there is nothing better than letting your hair down and joining friends and family on the dancefloor for a good old fashioned dance.

Dancing goes back 9000 years and has been used in celebrations and special events ever since. But what music do you like dancing to? And what about your guests.


Picking some must-plays

When we have a consultation with any of our couples, we always talk about music. We ask what they like, what they don’t like and suggest the best way to structure the evening.

We ask each couple for 10 must-plays, 10 nice to hears and 5 do not plays.
This is enough to give a professional DJ an understanding of your and your guests tastes. For every couple of songs you choose, we can think of 10 more that will go well with them.


What type of songs

It is always good to have a mixture of modern/latest songs, some memory ones (perhaps those old skool dance tunes from when you were 18), plus some endless classics.
You don’t have to go cheesy. The days of weddings being a cheese-fest is long gone, but if you want some, then go for it!

Thinking of your guests and the order of events

Now we know it is your big day, but take it from us, Auntie Maureen probably doesn’t want to throwing shapes to drum and bass at 7.30pm.
If you love your dance music (and we do too) let us build the night and get to that once you have managed to say hello to all of your evening guests and you have given them time to get into the mood. When did you last have a night out? Did you start dancing hard in the first bar you went too? Probably not, you had a few drinks, caught up and then as the evening went on, the music got louder, and away you went.
Let us help with the planning of the order of your music. We will make sure everything is played at just the right time.


It’s not just about the songs

As with any profession, it’s not just having the tools, it is about using them correctly. Floorfillers such as Mr Brightside or Show me Love will have people rushing to the dancefloor late in the evening. At 8 pm, when the sun is possibly still shining, not so much.
An experienced wedding DJ will create a musical journey. Trust us; we have played at hundreds of weddings. We know what works.

Need some ideas? Our next blog will be about our top 5 songs from each genre!

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