Where is this year going!??

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Well it’s the 16th of May already!! And to date this year we have completed an amazing 102 events!!!! Wow! It’s been a record breaking start to the year!! Every one of those events has been amazing!! We have had fantastic feedback from them all!!

Venues so far this year include:
The Dorchester, Brands Hatch place, Chilston Park, The Barnyard, Devonport House, National History Museum, The Marquis, Bromley court hotel, Chiswell street dining rooms, The Tower bridge walkways all of which have had a number of services from discologic.

One of our events last week was at Dorton house in Sevenoaks. During the week this is a School for blind children in fact the school is very close to my heart as my brother is blind and attended the school till he was 16. Anyway SOUND LIMITERS! Dorton house has a sound limiter installed like many venues this is normally due to a environmental or licensing issue due to sound pollution.

What is a sound limiter!!??
Sound limiters are devices that are designed to monitor the sound in an area and limit the maximum sound level that can be generated by sound equipment such as used by discos or bands etc. The device is installed into the signal path or the electrical supply to the equipment in the area and applies control to prohibit the sound from exceeding the pre-set level. Some devices simply cut the power when the level is exceeded, whilst other devices can clamp the sound at a fixed level by reducing the mains voltage to the equipment or signal to the amplifier.

Other types of sound limitation such as a sound compressor:
A compressor monitors the level of your audio signals much the same way an audio engineer maintains consistent levels while capturing a live performance. The piano, for example, is an instrument capable of delivering an extremely wide dynamic range, from very quiet passages to thundering crescendos. As the pianist plays louder, it is the engineer’s job to decrease the signal level to prevent the recording equipment from overloading. This is the same for the compressor the venue will set it at say 80DB if a signal goes above this level the compressor will “compress it”.

Many venues now a have some kind of sound limiter or compressor! A lot of clients ask will it be a problem!!??? The answer is “It’s not a good thing but it really does depend where and how it’s all set up!” The other thing to remember is that with all venues there has to be some give and take if you love the venue but there is a sound limiter installed then you have to accept this! We have done many events that have had some kind of sound limiter installed and they have been fantastic!!! We have also done some that have been set so low that just singing from the guests would trip the sound out!! Dorton house was set to 60DB this is the lowest I have ever seen normally venues set them between 80 – 100 DB.

Always ask the question when looking around a venue “do you have a sound limiter” and if the answer is yes then ask “what’s it set at”.

Well that’s me done back to work now as I have to prep for a wedding in Spain this weekend!!
#living the dream!!!

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